Bring in Business with a Custom Denver Pylon Sign 

A notable feature of pylon signs is their height, since they can soar above buildings, traffic and other obstructions. Freestanding pylon signs (also called pole signs) are built to attract attention from far away, drawing visitors to restaurants, big-box stores, hotels, and just about anywhere.

Pylon signs can be designed and installed using a wide range of options:

• A rectangular sign cabinet or LED light box mounted on a secure, single steel pole
• Twin pole pylon signs for larger signs needing greater rigidity
• Directional pylon signs
• May include channel lettering
• May include a LED message center
• Decorative accents, shapes and fonts for greater customization
• Metal-and-acrylic LED lit cabinet signs or light boxes for multiple tenants in a grid pattern – allowing your business to be visible day and night

Why have Colorado Sign create and install your pylon sign in Denver or elsewhere in Colorado?

Pylon Signs

We use only the most durable, stable materials to construct pylon signs and other made-to-order outdoor signs.

Signage is not a “one size fits all.” Our talented design staff will help you choose the type of pylon sign that best suits your location and business or organization.

We bring decades of experience to the drawing board. We’ve worked on pylon signs with businesses in all kinds of industries over the years in Denver and across Colorado.

Our accomplished designers will work closely with you on a pylon sign to make your business stand out and lead consumers to your location. With our in-depth knowledge of materials and designs, we will determine the most suitable components for any type of pole sign.

To find out how we can create custom signs as unique as your business, call us today at 720-626-7794, or email [email protected].

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