Pylon Sign Design and Custom Signs for Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Lakewood, Westminster, Denver Aurora, CO and Surrounding Areas

Colorado Sign Company uses the most durable materials to create made-to-order pylon signs and other custom signs. We serve businesses in Westminster, Denver, Fort Collins, Lakewood, Colorado Springs, Aurora, and beyond.

Pylon Signs to Elevate Businesses in Lakewood, Westminster, or Denver

Pylon SignsSoaring above buildings, traffic, and other obstructions, pylon signs from Colorado Sign Company direct customers to your stores in Westminster and Lakewood. Freestanding pylon signs are purpose-built to attract attention from far away, drawing visitors to all-you-can-eat buffets in Lakewood, big-box stores in Denver, and extended-stay hotels in Westminster.

Pylon signs from Colorado Sign Company incorporate many different types of signage. Their distinguishing characteristic is their height. Pylon signs can be as simple as a rectangular cabinet sign mounted on a single steel pole or as elaborate as lettering on layered, lighted, abstract geometric shapes. Colorado Sign Company can make pylon signs that include both channel lettering and LED message boards. Our talented design staff will help you find the type of pylon sign that best suits your business’s needs.

If you’re opening a new mall in Lakewood, you’ll want a custom pylon sign with multiple displays, allowing you to represent each of your tenant stores. Colorado Sign Company can create a pylon sign with lightboxes in a grid pattern, so the stores’ names are visible day and night. The metal-and-acrylic lightbox grid can be ensconced in a brick base, lending an air of sophistication to your pylon sign.

With twin pole pylon signs from Colorado Sign Company, travelers along Denver Boulder Turnpike will easily spot your family amusement center in Westminster Promenade. Directional pylon signs will help patients and visiting medical personnel find the right departments at your hospital in Denver’s City Park West neighborhood.

Custom Signs for Companies in Fort Collins, Aurora, & Colorado Springs

Colorado Sign Company brings decades of experience to the drawing board. We’ve worked with many businesses in all kinds of industries over the years, and we know that signage is not “one size fits all.” That’s why Colorado Sign Company creates custom signs for businesses in Aurora, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and neighboring cities.

Our accomplished designers will work closely with you to grasp the vision you have for your custom signs. With our encyclopedic knowledge of materials and designs, we will determine the most suitable components to create custom signs for your business. We know which types of acrylics and polycarbonate sheeting best diffuse LED backlighting in a custom channel sign, and which types of wood are the most impervious to Colorado’s weather extremes.

Options for your custom signs include combinations of materials, such as wood, brick, aluminum, and polycarbonate. Colorado Sign Company can fashion custom signs in the shape of your product, mascot, or logo. We can make a custom sign in the shape of a pizza slice or ice cream cone for your eatery in Aurora, a custom channel letter sign with the stylized logo of your telecom company in Colorado Springs, or a custom sign that combines a cabinet sign and an LED message board for your church in Fort Collins.

To find out how we can create custom signs as unique as your business, call us today at 720-626-7794, or email [email protected].

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