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Monument sign design

Built at a lower height overall, a monument sign marks the entrance of a business, residential, commercial, or other area. A monument sign of wood and stone might identify the driveway of a country club, residential complex or school campus. An aluminum or acrylic monument sign, lit discreetly from the ground, might look best for an office complex or a hotel.

We build custom monument signs in a wide range of sizes and shapes, using a combination of decorative, durable materials to handle Colorado’s weather extremes.

• Wood, brick and stone – convey elegance, warmth and security
• Sleek, polished aluminum – gives a modern, professional look
• Synthetic and acrylics – portray a colorful vibe

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

Frequently found at entrances to shopping centers or office parks, multi-tenant monument signs let customers know which shops or offices they’ll find in a plaza, mall or other complex. We create distinctive placards for each business, so anyone can quickly find the business or organization they are looking for..

Convert your existing sign to LED lighting

To save energy, we can also replace or convert your existing fluorescent lit monument sign to LED lighting. This is done economically by installing a replacement lamp that uses LEDs.

Why choose Colorado Sign to build and install your monument sign?

Colorado Sign Company doesn’t just meticulously build outdoor signs. We are with you throughout the design process, from brainstorming to conception. Our skilled sign technicians take the idea from the designer’s draft to ground-mounted installation. Call us today at 720-626-7794, so we can get started crafting the monument sign that will move traffic in the direction you want.

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