Engage Your Audience with an LED Message Board

Increasingly popular, LED message boards can be almost any size. Thinner, wall-mounted message boards can be used indoors, while sturdier construction makes them suitable for outdoors. Replacing images and messages is easy, so you can frequently or seasonally change your message to display a continuous image and text or multiple images and text messages at timed intervals.

Much like websites or social media, LED sign boards keep customers and passing motorists updated with the latest information. Display messages about upcoming school events, worship service times, notable events or weekly specials.

With a spectacular LED sign from Colorado Sign, you can feature both words and pictures in your messages, all in living color.

An engaging and energy efficient signage solution

Easy to manage, LED scrolling message boards offer the classic look of a neon sign with the cool, energy efficiency of Light Emitting Diodes (LED). Compared to traditional light sources that first convert electrical energy into heat, and then into light, LEDs convert electrical energy directly into light with little-wasted electricity.

Why order an LED message board from Colorado Sign?

• Easy application management after installation so you can change your message or layout as often as you wish..
• Pair your LED marquee sign with a standard cabinet sign or incorporate it into a monument sign, so you can keep patrons current while permanently identifying your business or organization.
Display a stylized logo of your business.

For more information on a custom LED sign for your business, please contact us at 720-626-7794, or send an email to [email protected].

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