Call Attention to Your Business with a Custom Channel Letter Sign

Channel letter signs combine dimensional letters and light to call attention to the name of your business or organization. Channel letters are created character by character from aluminum or tough plastic facing, individually mounted and internally lit using neon or LED.

How do I purchase a channel letter sign?

First we get a good understanding of your site and requirements. Next is a great design. Since each letter, number or image is created and mounted separately, Colorado Sign offers free design consultation so you can see exactly how your finished sign will look.

We manufacture your sign in-house, so whether you need a channel letter sign in Denver or a surrounding city or any Colorado county, you can be assured of a professional, durable and impactful sign.

What about repairing an existing channel letter sign or making a sign more energy efficient?

If you have an existing channel letter sign, we offer sign repair services and LED sign conversion. We can replace faded dimensional letters or letter faces, damaged trim caps and anything else that’s in need of repair or replacement.

Colorado Sign can also convert your existing exterior channel letter signs from neon to energy efficient outdoor LED signs. Contact us for a cost comparison to help you get the best value and LED signs in Denver and surrounding areas.

Why choose Colorado Sign for your sign project?

• We know which types of acrylics and polycarbonate materials work best, depending on the design.
• Your channel letter sign is expertly cut and polished for a flawless appearance.
• Our trained technicians internally illuminate your letters or backlight them for a glowing effect.
• Channel letter signs can be fabricated in a contrasting color to accentuate the letters in different light conditions to make your letters and logo distinctive.

Whether for a shipping store, sandwich shop or a supply outlet, channel letter signs crisply highlight the name of your business. For a free consultation and site survey, please contact us at 720-626-7794, or send an email to [email protected].

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