Build Your Business with a Custom Channel Letter Sign

Colorado Sign Company is a full-service sign manufacturer serving all of Colorado. We are pleased to bring the finest channel letter sign design and installation, as well as LED signs to business owners in the following areas:
      •  Aurora
      •  Denver
      •  Fort Collins
      •  Lakewood
      • All surrounding areas

Channel Letter Sign Professionals

Channel Letter SignsChannel letter signs are made character-by-character, with each letter or number created and mounted separately. The three-dimensional effect of channel letter signs from Colorado Sign Company indelibly emphasizes your business’s identity.

Whether you own a shipping store in Denver, and sandwich shop in Aurora, or a fishing supply outlet in Lakewood, channel letter signs will crisply highlight your stylized business’s name, drawing the attention of shoppers.

Our trained technicians at Colorado Sign Company can provide the following effects:
      •  Carefully cut and polish each component of your channel letter sign for a flawless appearance
      •  Internally illuminate the channel letter signs or backlight them for a glowing effect
      •  Outline your channel letter sign in a contrasting color to accentuate the letters in different light conditions
      •  Create distinctive channel letter signs allowing you stand out from your competitors

Easy to Manage LED Signs

For the look of a classic neon sign with the cool energy efficiency of light-emitting diodes, Colorado Sign Company offers LED signs. Display messages about upcoming school events at your Colorado Springs high school on eye-catching LED signs. Fort Collins foodies will have no trouble finding your fondue joint’s weekly specials with one of our spectacular LED signs to light the way.Westminster houses of worship can advertise service times and special events to passing motorists.

With LED signs from Colorado Sign Company, you can feature both words and pictures in your messages. Why describe a beautiful bouquet from your Fort Collins flower shop when you can use your LED sign to flaunt your floral masterpiece in living color?

Colorado Sign Company makes LED signs that allow you flexibly unmatched by others, including:
      •  Display the stylized logo of your business
      •  Pair your LED marquee sign with a standard cabinet sign or incorporate it into a monument sign, so you can keep patrons current while permanently identifying your business or organization
      •  Easy App management after install allows you to change message or layout as often as you wish

Much like websites or social media pages, LED signs can be kept up-to-date with all the latest information…whether it’s about the cash bingo next week at your Westminster Lions Club, the read-a-thon at your Colorado Springs library, or your restaurant’s contribution to the Taste of Fort Collins.

For more information on how Colorado Sign Company can create custom LED signs and channel letter signs for your business, call us at 720-626-7794, or send an email to [email protected].

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