Blade Signs and Business Signs for Businesses of Colorado Springs, Denver, Aurora, Fort Collins, Westminster, Lakewood, CO and Surrounding Areas

With over three decades’ combined experience in the sign business, Colorado Sign Company is a leading designer and manufacturer of business signs. We create custom blade signs for businesses from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs, Lakewood to Aurora, and Westminster to Denver.

Blade Signs to Cut through Competition in Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, & Lakewood

Blade SignsWhether you own an artisan chocolatier in Lakewood, an art gallery in Fort Collins, or a skateboard shop in Colorado Springs, you need a way to catch customers’ attention. Blade signs, which jut out from your storefront, are usually hung just above the front door. Colorado Sign Company can make them in many different shapes and styles, from wood, metal, acrylic, or combinations of materials.

A distinctive, carved wooden blade sign will stand out from all the awnings on Linden Street in Fort Collins’ Old Town Square, focusing visitors’ attention on your curio shop or brewpub as they stroll down the hexagonal brick walkways. A sparkling acrylic blade sign will draw fashionistas to your upscale clothing boutique on West Alaska Drive in Lakewood.

When Colorado Sign Company manufactures your blade sign, even the brackets and hanging hardware can be part of the art: Wrought iron arabesques, sturdy triangles, straight arms with finials, contemporary I-beams, or graceful arches will reflect the unique ambiance of your Platte Avenue patisserie or Pikes Peak Avenue pizzeria in Colorado Springs.

Aside from their prominent placement, the beauty of blade signs is their ability to take on evocative shapes. Colorado Sign Company can go beyond the traditional oval, round, or rectangular blade sign shapes to make a blade sign for your Lakewood burger bar in the shape of a cheeseburger on a bun, an evergreen silhouette blade sign for your Colorado Springs tree nursery, or a guitar-shaped blade sign for your Fort Collins music emporium.

The Best in Business Signs for Denver, Aurora, & Westminster

Blade signs effectively get customers’ attention, but they don’t work for all situations. Colorado Sign Company supplies several other types of business signs for our clients in Aurora, Denver, and Westminster. We’ll create a lighted channel letter sign that makes each character count for your craft store in Aurora’s Village Green Plaza…and we can also make a matching monument sign or pylon sign.

Customers at your Denver department store will easily find what they need with interior locator signs from Colorado Sign Company. Budget-friendly cabinet signs can be used to indicate exits and other important doorways at your Westminster Plaza antique store. Economical and durable, cabinet signs can also be used as exterior business signs.

Whatever kind of business signs you need to attract customers in Westminster, Aurora, and Denver, Colorado Sign Company can provide them. Call us today at 720-626-7794 or email us at [email protected]. From the drawing board to the finished product, Colorado Sign Company’s talented staff will work to make your vision a reality.

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