Get Noticed Business Pylon Signs Attention

Regardless of their exact type, business signs are very popular nowadays. And Denver pylon signs are a great way to promote your business, first of all because they can be seen from a really great distance and can showcase the brand image and logo that your enterprise has.

It is the height that typically makes pylon signs different from monument signs. Whereas a monument sign is usually no taller than 5 feet, a pylon sign can rise up to 20 feet and even more. And in case pylon signs are located near highways, they can be about 200 feet tall.

Pylon signs can combine elements taken from monument signs, but they are obviously much bigger. And there can be several different businesses which can use the same pylon sign. That is the reason why you can see pylon signs near shopping plazas, multi-tenant buildings, and so on.

There are, of course, areas which have restrictions about the height of pylon signs, so you need to get informed beforehand and choose the sizes that best suit your interest without posing any kind of legal threats or concern to your business. At any rate, you should place your pylon signs in the areas that best grasp people’s attention.