Pylon Signs Denver CO Advertise Your Business


A pylon sign is a column used for advertising purposes. Pylons can have the shape of a cylinder or parallelepiped, but most often, they are structures consisting of four sides.

Pylons have a significant advantage over conventional banners, posters, flyers, etc. Due to their dynamism, their shape, and the fact that they can also be lighted, pylons typically attract the attention of passers-by very efficiently, sending them more advertising messages at the same time.

You can install outdoor and indoor pylons not only in shopping centers and cinemas but also in universities, gyms, and nightclubs.

A pylon sign can be very tall, and LED lighting can make it highly visible from a distance. This will ensure the right exposure for your business and will surely contribute to more traffic and impact.

Pylon signs are great advertising methods for any type of business, big or small. As previously mentioned, they provide increased visibility and can be used as landmarks. Their features make them great to be also used on highways.

One of the best things about pylon signs Denver CO shops build is that they are affordable. An advertising company can help you create the custom design that suits your needs so that your pylon boosts your business profit over time.