LED Sign Conversion


All around us we notice how the old technologies for lighting using incandescent, fluorescent or halogen filament lamps are less and less used, being replaced by the new LED technology. Advertising signs are no exception!

Is it just a trend, and, in order to avoid being outdated, people hurry to buy LED products, or does this phenomenon have a logic and is based on arguments that reveal many benefits of using the new LED technology? The correct version is the second one, and here’s why:

  • LEDs have a service life of up to 50,000 hours
  • LEDs consume much less than any other lighting system
  • LEDs do not heat up like the rest of the traditional lamps
  • LEDs turn on instantly, and turning them on and off repeatedly does not affect their service life
  • LEDs are the safest lighting options
  • LEDs are extraordinarily adaptable to any lighting application

Newly fabricated signs are designed and manufactured with LED bulbs. But what can you do about an old sign, which is still functional and you would like to keep it? Well, you can either continue to use it as it is, in which case your energy consumption will remain high, or you can make a conversion to LED.

There will be an upfront cost for a LED retrofit, because the electronic, trays and ballast will be replaced, just like the bulbs. However, the investment is well worth.

In order to switch to LED signage, you should hire qualified Denver LED sign conversion consultants, who are electronically competent. They will perform the LED retrofitting project quickly, and your business operation will not be disrupted.