Predictive Maintenance Pylon Signs Denver Services


The company Denver pylon signs are very efficient for advertising, but installing one is just the beginning; you will also have to maintain it on a regular basis, to make sure it remains in good shape and always looks its best.

Maintenance solutions for your pylon sign require an investment, in terms of resources and time, but it will prevent damage and expensive repair costs.

Here are some important things to consider

  • Take care of the placement of electrical components in your pylon sign

They should be easy to access by technicians handling repairs, to avoid increasing repair time and costs.

  • Use LED Bulbs

They are much more resistant than fluorescent bulbs and may go on for many years before needing a replacement. Besides, they are less likely to be damaged by bad weather.

  • Make sure your pylon sign is painted in long lasting colors

Sometimes, exterior paint fades away and you will have to repaint your sign, in order to restore its aspect and functionality. To prevent this, make sure your pylon sign is painted in a rugged paint, such as automotive-grade polyurethane paint. Additionally, you might want to avoid very bright colors, as they are especially susceptible to sunlight damage.

  • Do not overlook landscaping maintenance

Your pylon sign may be surrounded by trees or shrubs that must be trimmed on a regular basis. If you do not do that, the vegetation will block the view of passers-by, and your sign will lose much of its utility.