Lighted Signs Denver Shops



There are a variety of quality lighted signs on the market today. While some of them are designed to light up your shop on the inside or draw attention to certain, special products you might have on display, others are meant to draw in customers and make the exterior of your shop shine.


Most lighted signs come in two categories: those that feature screens and those that have LEDs embedded in them while also making use of opaque or semi-transparent graphics designed to work together with the LED light to deliver a unique viewing experience.


LED message boards and digital signs are usually made pretty much like your computer screen. They feature an LED screen that can be programmed to showcase various ads and offers, and sometimes they can be the centerpiece of your shop or restaurant.


Most lighted signs, however, are designed to simply show off LEDs that blend in with the sign’s design to create a lighted picture. These are frequently used as outdoor signs to draw attention to any passerby that might be in the neighborhood after sundown. Occasionally, they also present moving colorful patterns and animations created by dynamically changing the color and brightness of LEDs stacked together like the pixels of a screen.


These types of lighted signs Denver companies design are usually best for drawing attention to your business or to a specific product or offer, without having to use expensive digital signage to do it.