Things To Consider Make The Right Colorado Sign Choice


Comparing pylon signs and monument signs isn’t easy. However, in a city like Denver, where the buildings are tall and flashy, the difference can be as broad as daylight sometimes. If you’re looking for a way to distinguish your business from the crowd, of course both types of signs will work pretty well. Still, there is a big difference in terms of how the signs are noticed and what they might be intended for.


Pylon signs are typically very tall and very visible from a long distance away. That makes them an excellent asset if your business or organization is located along a large boulevard or close to a freeway. Of course, there are normally no freeways going through the downtown area of a large city like Denver, but pylon signs can still be an advantage to have when you’re trying to make your business’ presence known from among a series of large buildings, or from a distance in an area where there are mostly houses and there’s a lot of open space.


Monument signs are a lot more imposing than pylon signs, though they don’t have the same kind of range in terms of distance. Still, a well-designed monument sign will definitely put your business on the map. It will make you stand out from the crowd and make it seem that your building is home to some truly high level activities. The distinction of a monument sign is one of its best assets, along with its durability and the possibility of using it to convey more relevant information about your business or organization.  Companies such as Colorado Sign of Denver can help you as a business owner to determine and design the right sign for your building.