Business Sign Company High Impact Draw Customers

In a big city like Denver, it is easy for your business to fall into anonymity, so you will need to find those types of signs from a sign company near me that can make you stand out.

The most popular indoor and outdoor business signs in Denver include:

  • Light boxes

Light boxes with fronts made from Plexiglas, polycarbonate or textile PVC and aluminum sides, or with structures made of steel represent the ideal compromise between price and appearance. These materials are specific for common lighted signs and can be decorated with stickers in a wide range of colors and textures. In historic area, we may also notice light boxes with particular contours, made from wrought iron, which provides a particular aspect.

  • Volumetric letters with LEDs

LEDs volumetric letters can be backlit or halo illuminated

  • Lighted totems

Due to their vertical structures and the fact that they are placed at ground level, totems are very visible and elegant. They can be illuminated and equipped with programmable LED panels, and can be made from the most diverse materials: composite aluminum (dibond), Plexiglas, expanded PVC, aluminum sheet, steel etc. Totems are used by banking institutions, companies, gas stations, hotels, bars and restaurants, etc.