Benefits Pylon Signs Effective

An effective means of orientation placed in traffic areas, or for directing customers to the objectives signaled from the inside, pylon signs remain the ideal solution for providing information and making remote advertising.

Pylon signs were designed as carriers of information for corporations or for the identification of individual companies. They allow the easy identification, from a distance, of company logos. Whether they are lit or simple, pylon signs are guaranteed to attract attention.

They are relatively large advertising structures, which are mounted on a vertical leg in order to obtain good visibility. Usually, they are placed on highways, national roads, bypasses and, in general, along roads with heavy traffic, being an effective means of addressing passengers. For maximum impact, pylon signs must be located in areas with low visual competition but heavy traffic. Graphic messages will be adapted to this format, to allow easy reading from a great distance.

For certain campaigns, pylon signs can provide a predominant or even exclusive communication channel. Although in most advertising campaigns, online channels play a key role in information (store positioning, images of promoted products, video tutorials, technical specifications), Denver pylon signs can be very effective at summarizing the entire message.