outdoor business signs profitable

Despite the development of new means of promoting business in the online environment, street advertising remains one of the most effective marketing methods, still used successfully by many large companies around the world. Here are some profitable outdoor business signs Denver experts would recommend:

  • Frontlit banners

Frontlit advertising banners are the most affordable means of outdoor promotion. They are printed on a polyplane support (flexible textile material covered with PVC) of different thicknesses and densities, being ideal for street placement. It can be externally illuminated, from the front.

  • Backlit banners

A backlit banner has a white, matte or glossy surface that allows excellent light diffusion and is used on panels and light boxes, for excellent visibility, night and day. Like in the case of a frontlit banner, the print on a backlit banner has a very good durability and resistance to mechanical factors, water and UV rays. A liquid lamination solution can also be applied to the printed surface, to increase its durability.

  • Mesh banners

Mesh advertising banners are made of flexible PVC material with perforations, which ensures its strength and long lifespan.

The specificity of this type of street advertising is the large size, several pieces of printed material can be welded, they can be placed on building facades without obstructing the visibility from the inside, while still ensuring a large and high quality exposure for those looking from the outside.