Why Choose Us Pylon Business Signs

When you are shopping around for business signs, you will certainly discover that there are many types of products available, depending on your own preferences and specific needs. For instance, there are pylon signs and monument signs, and it is essential to know the difference between these two in order to make the right choice for your enterprise.

The basic difference between monument and pylon signs is the height. While a monument sign usually does not exceed 5 feet, a pylon sign can be seen from a long distance, due to the fact that it looks much like a tower.

Monument signs are created for stand-alone businesses. They are long-lasting, resistant and are only created for outdoor usage. They can make a commercial property appear more elegant and professional. Monument signs are often paired with landscape elements, and are made from aluminum, masonry, foam, etc.

Pylon signs can either be used for a single company, or for multiple companies. They are usually made of metal, brick or stone. To catch the attention of motorists and pedestrians, you may consider using digital LEDs.

Pylon signs from https://thecoloradosignco.com/pylon-signs are recommended for businesses which are located in industrial areas, near manufacturing plants or other similar enterprises.