monument sign

The best materials for your monument signs depend on the specific purposes for which you are creating it. The visual aspects certainly play an essential part. But there is no one universal solution for all business signs.

If you choose the wrong type of material for your monument sign, you can give the wrong impression. Moreover, if it is not properly done or made of less resistant materials, newcomers may be confused about where to find your business’ premises.

One good example of monument sign material is foam core and armored foam. This type of material is lightweight and durable. At the same time, it is resistant to rotting or water damage, unlike other types of materials such as brick or wood. In case you want something that looks more like masonry, these foam panels can permit the application of veneer.

Aluminum can be another great material to be used for monument signs. It is ductile, malleable and versatile. Wrought iron may be another excellent material for monument signs, which is also more solid and rigid.

Acrylic and urethane can take various shapes, sizes and colors. Varnished wood can be weather resistant, apart from looking beautiful and charming. Poured concrete cannot be destroyed, and it is usually found at the entrances to parks and city gateways.  Companies that offer monument signs such as is the best place to start your design and discover the materials used.