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A monument sign is one of the best signage options for your business, being accepted in all communities including those with height restrictions. It is a ground sign, with a structure made of masonry, wood or other suitable materials.

Monument signs can be illuminated at night, so they become a beacon, making your business visible 24/7. They are versatile and bring a certain feeling of confidence, communicating the fact that your business is established, whether we are talking about a restaurant or a retail store.

Before hiring a design team to create a Denver monument sign for your business, you must ask a few questions to determine if you are making a good choice.

Do you have an in-house design team?

The best signage contractors do, although their team is also open to work with your designer, if you prefer.

Where my new sign will be coming from?

It is important to know where your sign will be fabricated, because it is better to choose a signage contractor that handles fabrication in-house; you will save money on transportation, plus your sign will be ready faster.

Will you provide warranty and maintenance for my sign?

You can always expect to hear “Of course!”, from a reliable sign design team.