Information Channel Letter Sign Description Business

Channel letter signs are not only elegant and spectacular, but also very effective, being very visible day and night, as well as in severe weather conditions. They attract people’s attention from considerable distances, thus managing to bring you greater popularity and more customers.

Some of the materials channel letter signs are made from

In most of the cases, the letters are made with translucent Plexiglas front and PVC edges and back. Their lighting is done from the interior, using LED modules, so the light is evenly distributed throughout the letters. This type of bright volumetric letters has the best quality/ price ratio.

A second option consists in letters made of Plexiglas display and edges, while their back only is made from PVC. Again, the lighting is done from the interior, with LED modules.

You can also choose letters made of metal (brass, aluminum, stainless steel), mounted at a certain distance from the wall, so that the light will create a hallow effect.

There are also channel letter signs illuminated with spectral tube, see the different designs at They have the advantage of being visible from great distances, as well as emitting very intense colors. The disadvantage is that they use high voltage transformers, robust and quite heavy, and tubes like this have a warranty of up to 12 months.