Your Business Sign What Makes You Stand Out

If you have a business and want to be successful and competitive, you must use different marketing techniques. Signage is one of your options.

There are different types of signs you can choose from, depending on your needs, but two of the most common and efficient are monument signs and pylon signs. There are people who believe that they are pretty much the same, but actually they are very different and therefore suitable for different locations.

The main difference is the height. Pylon signs are much taller, as their purpose it to be seen from far away. They are often placed along the roads and even on highways. On the other hand, a monument sign is only up to 5 feet tall, because its purpose it to draw near-by people`s attention to the entrance in the building of the business they advertise.

Monument signs are freestanding, durable and often match the surrounding landscape and other outdoor features. They can be made from a variety of materials and provided with illumination solutions such as LED lights, light boxes etc.

A pylon sign can be made for one or for multiple companies.

When you choose between a pylon sign and a monument sign, you must take into account all these details and more. Both of them can make your business more visible, if you only use them correctly.  It’s recommended to conduct a search for a sign company near me to setup a time to discuss all your options, as a sign can have a big impact on your business.