Things to Consider monument signs business establishment

Monument signs work great for different secluded businesses and retail stores, increasing brand awareness and directing customers to the entrance of your facility. However, for the betterment and efficiency of your signage strategy, you must consider some details when designing your monument sign.

  • Location

It really doesn`t matter if you have a beautifully carved stone sign, or dimensional lettering, if your sign is not visible from the street.  The placement of your monument sign can really make it or break it, so make sure to find that right spot and angle that ensure visibility from a distance, otherwise your investment is in vain, because your sign will lose its main purpose.

  • Local building permits

A monument sign is often a massive construction, which must respect certain code parameters. There may be various limitations you must comply with, so make sure you get familiar with these beforehand.

  • Materials

You must choose the materials that allow you to match your company`s brand with your monument sign. There are many popular materials used by designers, such as metal, brick, stone, wood, poured concrete, armored foam, high density urethane and more, so you are not stuck to brick and mortar, like you would have been a few decades ago.  For great monument signs look to