pylon outdoor sign platform

Pylon signs are signs supported by 1-2 poles and can display a message on both sides. Not all of them are illuminated, but most of them are at least backlit (most commonly with LED lamps).

Just like monument signs, pylon signs are often massive, but the difference is that they are taller – sometimes taller even than the building of the business they advertise. Precisely because of their sheer height, these signs make a great advertisement for businesses that want to grab the attention of people who are not necessarily close by. This is why they are often installed along the roads, being used as landmarks. For even more visibility, including during the night, many Denver pylon signs are illuminated.

A pylon sign provides enough space to clearly showcase logos, images and text, in an attractive and non-crowded way.

There are different types of pylon signs, depending on the mounting style:

  • Single-pole mount: this is the classic and the most economic design, consisting in a metal pole that secures a single or double-sided sign.
  • Twin-pole mount: this is more stable and suitable for larger signs, due to the two-pole design.
  • Covered-pole mount: in this case, the metal pole is not exposed, but creatively covered with different materials.