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Spring is the perfect season to perform maintenance operations on your store, including on your storefront signage.  That’s because winter can be very harsh, especially with outdoor elements, exposed to the incremental weather.

You do not need professional help to perform regular maintenance operation on your signage. Basically, you will have to clean it, check its overall condition and, if necessary, update it and its location.


Your signage says a lot about your business, so it has to be clean, in order to be attractive and visible. You may need to remove bird nests, dirt, dust, dead leaves etc. Additionally, you might want to trim overgrown vegetation around it, to prevent it from obscuring your signage.


Look for broken or loose fittings, as well as for cracks, corrosion and other types of damage. If your sign is also lighted or has some kind of electric component, look for burnt bulbs and frayed electrical wires.  Any of the signs Denver CO has should be inspected each year due to seasonal weathering.


Spring maintenance of your signage is also a good excuse to update it, if necessary, to make sure it showcases your current branding. Also, you might want to reposition it according to changes you have recently done on your grounds, or to your store.