blade signs open directional lighted

Blade signs represent a great eye-grabber, so you can use them to increase the foot traffic of your business. They are typically installed on walls, pointing people in a certain direction, addressing oncoming foot traffic from one or more directions. They can be combined with image displays and colorful names.

Traditionally, blade signs were carved wooden plank with a coat of paint. Nowadays, you can go high tech with blade signs Denver area with a company like Colorado Sign.

Here are some blade signs designs you can custom to get a unique sign for your business.

Aluminum blade signs

These signs are affordable and lightweight. They can be customized on both sides with paint, dimensional letters or vinyl overlays.

Sandblasted panels

These are made from HDU boards, sandblasted or routed to reveal style elements or lettering that you prefer for your design. Such a blade sign is sealed with paint or varnish.

Box cabinets

Simple or illuminated, box cabinets feature dimensional letters or vinyl overlays. You can opt for single or dual facing, depending on which side of the street you want to appeal to pedestrians.


If you want a unique blade sign design that can set apart your business, you should work with a professional designer who can incorporate elements that fit perfectly into your setting.