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Storefront signs attract customers, so they are a smart investment for all kind of businesses. They can be more or less expensive, depending on many factors that influence their costs.

If you opt for a black& white signs, you will pay less than for ac sign with a certain number of colors in its design. Also, incorporating words and lights will increase the price. However, the money you pay for your storefront sign should not be the only criterion to take into account. The quality of the materials is equally important, as a durable sign will lower your initial investment, in the long run.

The size of storefront signs Denver area also influences their price. Typically, the bigger the sign, the more expensive it is.

Here is a small guide of storefront size costs, depending on the materials they are made from and some of their features:

  • Urethane – $5-$10/sf
  • Aluminum, Plastic – $10-$20/sf
  • Metal – $20-$30/sf
  • Lighted signs – $30+/sf
  • Neon-Lighted signs – $200-$1,200/sf


If you are worried about the money you will have to pay for a storefront sign, you should know that there are ways to save some money.

So, if you are on a budget, you should opt for a stock design instead of a custom design. You may also want to consider a sign that you can update later, because updating is more affordable than replacing.