Welcom Spring Time For Outdoor Signs

Outdoor business signs are designed and manufactured to be able to endure a lot, but when spring comes, even the most durable outdoor signs Denver area can do with a little care. Here is how to maintain your outdoor signage to make sure it looks its very best when the weather turns fair:

  • Look for nests made by birds or insects – critters love to take shelter in outdoor signs, especially large ones, such as channel letters installed above entrances. Check every inch of your signage and get rid of any nests and dead critters;
  • Ensure consistency – if you have implemented recent changes in your online or indoor signage, extend those changes to your outdoor signage as well;
  • Ensure cleanliness – clean your outdoor signage to make it shine again. Use adequate cleaning methods – while a mild detergent, water and a piece of soft cloth are suitable for most materials, harsher chemicals might damage plastic;
  • Correct lighting issues – if you use illuminated signage, having burst bulbs inside makes a bad impression. Look at your lighted signage from a distance and replace any light source that is flickering or no longer working;
  • Maintain foliage – if the trees or shrubs around your signage obstruct visibility, spring is the best time to trim the vegetation.