Colorado history signs buildings

First founded in 1858 by a group of gold prospectors and initially named Montana City, Denver quickly developed into a marvellous, busy city, then the metropolis that we know today. Here are some of its signature buildings and Colorado signs, monuments that keep attracting visitors from all over the worlds and are as recognizable as the most successful, global business signs, known by everyone, in any remote location:

  • The Colorado State Capitol – constructed in the 1890’s, from Colorado’s renowned white granite, the building was opened in 1894. The landmark building’s other signature feature is the dome plated in gold leaves, a feature added in 1904 to commemorate the Gold Rush;
  • The Daniels & Fisher Tower – the building was inaugurated in 1910 and with its height of 325 feet, it was the tallest building between the Mississippi River and California at the time;
  • Denver Union Station – the city’s central transportation hub first opened in 1881, but it burned down in 1894. The current building was opened in 1914 and underwent major renovation in 2012;
  • The Denver Zoo – the zoo is an 80-acre facility founded in 1896. Today, it houses species of plants and animals from all over the world, including some species threatened by extinction.