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An effective means of orientation placed in traffic areas, used for directing customers to the signaled locations, pylon signs (totems, signposts) remain the ideal solution directing customers to companies and services located nearby.

Company logos can be easily identified from a distance. Whether or not they are illuminated, the attractiveness of pylon signs is guaranteed.


Pylon signs are structures made from Galvanized steel or Aluminum profiles, Stainless steel, Plexiglas, Aluminum composite, glass and tarpaulins on special profiles.


They are mainly used outdoors, to identify the business objectives located along the streets or at the entrance to different buildings – and sometimes also indoors.

Pylon signs have many advantages. They are quite compact advertising structures, so they do not take up much space, which significantly reduces the rent. They can be installed anywhere – on the street, in a mall, subway, etc. A particularly aesthetic design allows you to place pylons even in cultural and historical areas. Due to the fact that most of these signs are equipped with LED backlight and can rotate, the ads will be visible at any time of the day and in any light.

There are no disadvantages associated with using pylon signs – perhaps only the fact that they represent quite a big financial investment, depending on their type and size.  See more at https://thecoloradosignco.com/pylon-signs.