How to choose building signs

The principle goal of using exterior building signs Denver companies have to offer is to create a positive first impression and to attract clients and customers, therefore getting the design and the material of the sign right is very important for success. Here are some aspects to consider:

  • The right types of information – your exterior sign should express your brand identity and should convey the right amount of information. Include your business logo, maybe a short slogan or motto and basic contact information, but do not add too many details – an overcrowded sign is unattractive and fails to achieve the desired results;
  • The right materials – exteriors signs are exposed to wear and tear by the elements, therefore they need to be made from the best materials. There are many synthetic options, such as acryl, but you can also use monument signs built from masonry, from wood or from metal;
  • Compliance with local regulations – local signage-related regulations are usually very specific about the size of the signage that you can use as well as about the contents and the technical aspects of the signs. Consult those regulations and make sure that your new sign respects all of them, otherwise you risk having to remove your sign.