monument signs examples

Monument signs are types of large, solid signs installed on the ground, in many cases structures that use masonry, metal, solid wood or other, strong materials. Here are some examples of usage for these great signage solutions:

  1. Illuminated signage – these modern monument signs combine some type of durable material, such as stone, concrete or metal with components that use illumination, mostly LED lights. These signs are excellent for marking gates and entry points to large facilities, such as hotels or college campuses;
  2. Large structures with channel letters – the best Denver monument sign that uses channel lettering are designed by architects to combine creativity and the perfect expression of brand identity;
  3. Adding water – many modern monument signs use special designs that integrate small fountains or other solutions that make water flow on or around the sign for an attention-grabbing, attractive and organic appearance;
  4. Digital elements added to the signage – the size of monument signage allows for the installation of digital screens to run adds or informative content. Depending on the size of the available surface, monument signs can be fitted with one or multiple screens to provide a special, customized and dynamic experience to anyone looking at the screen.