pylon signs colorado

To draw the attention of passers-by to their business, many business owners opt for pylon signs. The Denver Pylon signs are compact advertising structures, with a mobile outdoor advertising design. Usually, they are supported by 1-2 poles and are installed along the streets, usually near the company, to increase the awareness of passers-by, but also at a distance from it (this is done especially by large and renowned companies).

National highways and roads are the routes with the highest average annual traffic. Pylon signs installed on the main routes between the cities offer the opportunity to catch the attention of a population segment with specific characteristics:

-car drivers and/ or owners

-age: 24 – 60 years

-active population

-medium + high income level

Depending on the routes on which the pylon signs are placed, they can also target people with certain other characteristics, or at different times.

Pylon signs fix the main message, being part of push communication. A well positioned pylon sign will deliver the message regardless of the options of those who pass in front of it. The role of the OOH message is to inform, support the image campaign, teaser, direct, or connect to another channel with detailed information.

Pylon signs can be simple or illuminated with LED / fluorescent lights.