Foot Traffic Sign Company Benefits


Nowadays, a good method to increase foot traffic is to adopt a digital signage solution for your business. The benefits of digital signage technology are undeniable – from strong visual impact and increased sales, to brand promotion and customer engagement. How these benefits work can be summarized below:

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A single screen can display various messages, which you can change at regular intervals, depending on time, weather, season or campaign. Changing digital content eliminates the constant cost of printing new banners and the day-to-day work of replacing them.

Digital signage technology & the human brain: the visual, the linking keyword

Digital signage technology relies on visual information, and one of the favorite activities of human brain is visual processing. So, according to statistics, our brain processes visual information at a speed 60,000 times faster than textual information. In other words, the image takes precedence over the text. Another interesting detail related to the impact of the image on the brain: after 3 days, people retain only 10-20% of written or spoken communication, but instead they can remember over 2000 images seen during a few days, with an accuracy of 90%. In conclusion, more than any other communication tool, digital signage is in “harmony” with the natural predispositions of the human brain.  So conducting a search for a sign company near me will be a benefit to your company.

In addition, digital signage technology is persuasive. Awareness and brand awareness increase by almost 50%.