5 Steps to sucess with pylon signs to promote business

Like monument signs, the Denver pylon signs are highly beneficial for a business trying to promote itself. It will help your business gain more exposure and find a greater number of local clients. It can also help your branding and inform your clients and prospects more efficiently.


The process of building a pylon sign is generally pretty simple. You’ll find the following steps to explain most of the process in short:


  1. Like all larger signs, pylon signs need to be properly designed on a computer to make sure that the process is carried out correctly.
  2. Steel beams are typically brought to the workshop and cut and welded into place to form a basic framework for supporting the sign.
  3. Acrylic faces are printed and then cropped into the right shape and size to be added to the sign later on.
  4. The structure is transported to the required location, where its concrete base(s) will be placed into the ground.
  5. The faces are added to the metal frame and the structure is secured on top of the concrete for ideal stability.


Most of the complex work done on pylon signs has to do with the design phase. This is why, as the company owner, it’s very important for you to be involved in this stage and provide your signage supplier with the right information on the size and specific details associated with your sign, so that the finished product can be adapted to your branding in the best possible way.