illuminated sign we're open get business noticed

Illuminated signs Denver area are great for using them indoors, during night time or in poorly illuminated areas. However, they can be more expensive, and in some cases – as long as you utilize them properly – non-illuminated signs can actually be just as efficient in getting the word out about your business.


The placement of your sign can be extremely important. Even though non-illuminated signs don’t produce their own light, you can adjust their placement to reflect ambient light just perfectly and ensure that the light makes the sign blatantly visible to anyone walking by. Also, the efficiency of a non-illuminated commercial sign is maximized during the day, so make sure that the sign has as much sun exposure as possible, while being placed in an area where as many people as possibly walk or drive around during the day – such as on the side of your building that’s closest to a street with fast food restaurants.


Coloring can also make up for the lack of flashy lights. You can use high contrast color palettes to get the attention of people passing by, or add flashy graphics to achieve the same goal while also enticing viewers to look in by presenting them with catchy slogans and pictures that relate to your business.