pylon signs get visibility

When you’re considering the kind of signage to get for your business, pylon signs are some of the most efficient signs most experts will recommend. Aside from being large and easy to set up, there are also many other benefits that you can gain from installing a pylon sign close to your building:


  1. The first reason to consider pylon signs is visibility. Perhaps out of all types of signs, pylon signs offer the most visibility and exposure of all, making a strong statement in favor of your business and making sure everyone who drives or walks past your main building will know what your business and your main offers are all about.
  2. Despite some of them being large, most pylon signs include inserts, so removing an old sign and replacing it with a new one can be extremely easy. Moreover, the inserts are often made to protect your signs from bad weather and make them more resilient.
  3. Pylon signs can include many different options, from basic colored, non-illuminated signs, to flashy backlights, LED signs and various digital sign inserts. Some sign companies can even make your entire pylon sign spin around so it can be easily seen from afar and from multiple angles.